Age Estimation in the Living

Age Estimation in the Living

Editor(s): Sue Black, Jason Payne-James, Anil Aggrawal

Published Online: 30 AUG 2010 10:53PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470519677

Online ISBN: 9780470669785

DOI: 10.1002/9780470669785

About this Book

This book summarizes and explains the main approaches to age estimation in the living, defining when a parameter may be of use and raising awareness of its limitations. This text ensures that practitioners recognize when an assessment is beyond their area of expertise or beyond verification depending upon the clinical data available. Each key approach to age evaluation has been allotted a single chapter, written by an international leader in the particular field. The book also includes summary chapters that relay readily accessible data for use by the practitioner, and includes important "ageing milestones."

This book is indispensable where problems of immigration and legal standing, juvenile vs. adult criminal status, and responsibilities of law enforcement to protect vulnerable persons are key issues on a daily basis.  Medical practitioners, forensic practitioners such as pathology, odontology, anthropology and nursing, lawyers, and police would find this book incredibly useful.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 8

      Practical Imaging Techniques for Age Evaluation (pages 130–149)

      Andreas Schmeling, Sven Schmidt, Ronald Schulz, Andreas Olze, Walter Reisinger and Volker Vieth

    4. Chapter 12

      Age Evaluation after Growth Cessation (pages 236–266)

      Anil Aggrawal, Puneet Setia, Avneesh Gupta and Anthony Busuttil

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