Tumor Microenvironment

Tumor Microenvironment

Editor(s): Dietmar W. Siemann

Published Online: 30 AUG 2010 11:21PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470749968

Online ISBN: 9780470669891

DOI: 10.1002/9780470669891

About this Book

The microenvironment in which a tumor originates plays a critical role in its initiation and progression. Tumor Microenvironment reviews the importance of tumor microenvironment in cancer management. Particular emphasis is placed on discussing how the unique characteristics of the tumor microenvironment not only impact disease progression and response to conventional anticancer therapies, but have also led to the identification of potential new therapeutic targets and treatment possibilities for cancer patients. Tumor Microenvironment also reviews the fundamental basis of target development, preclinical assessment, and the current clinical status of these therapies.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 7

      Microenvironment Factors Influencing Skeletal Metastases (pages 135–160)

      Alessandro Fatatis, Julia A. D'Ambrosio, Whitney L. Jamieson, Danielle L. Jernigan and Mike R. Russell

    4. Chapter 8

      Premetastatic Niches (pages 161–182)

      Kevin L. Bennewith, Janine T. Erler and Amato J. Giaccia

    5. Chapter 16

      Impact on Radiotherapy (pages 353–376)

      Michael R. Horsman, Jens Overgaard and Dietmar W. Siemann

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