The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization

Online ISBN: 9780470670606

DOI: 10.1002/9780470670606

Editor(s): George Thomas Kurian

About this Book

The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is a uniquely comprehensive reference work on the history and impact of Christianity. Bringing together over 350 international scholars and 1,402 entries across 2,900 pages, this four-volume work spans issues ranging from theology, politics, and law, through to literature, art, and architecture.

  • Comprehensive – includes 1,402 entries within four volumes, examining the sources of Christian culture, the depth of its influence, and the reasons for its enduring strength
  • Interdisciplinary – a series of interconnecting themes offers an unparalleled account of Christianity including: key theological ideas; global and regional history; worship; society and Christianity; literature; music; art; architecture; education; politics; law, and scholarship
  • International – presents a truly global account of Christianity, with strong denominational and regional identities

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The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization

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