Mesoscale Meteorology in Midlatitudes

Mesoscale Meteorology in Midlatitudes

Author(s): Paul Markowski, Yvette Richardson

Published Online: 17 MAR 2010

Print ISBN: 9780470742136

Online ISBN: 9780470682104

DOI: 10.1002/9780470682104

About this Book

Mesoscale Meteorology in Mid-Latitudes presents the dynamics of mesoscale meteorological phenomena in a highly accessible, student-friendly manner. The book's clear mathematical treatments are complemented by high-quality photographs and illustrations. Comprehensive coverage of subjects including boundary layer mesoscale phenomena, orographic phenomena and deep convection is brought together with the latest developments in the field to provide an invaluable resource for mesoscale meteorology students.

Mesoscale Meteorology in Mid-Latitudes functions as a comprehensive, easy-to-use undergraduate textbook while also providing a useful reference for graduate students, research scientists and weather industry professionals.

  • Illustrated in full colour throughout
  • Covers the latest developments and research in the field
  • Comprehensive coverage of deep convection and its initiation
  • Uses real life examples of phenomena taken from broad geographical areas to demonstrate the practical aspects of the science

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: General Principles

  2. Part II: Lower Tropospheric Mesoscale Phenomena

  3. Part III: Deep Moist Convection

  4. Part IV: Orographic Mesoscale Phenomena

  5. Part V: Appendix

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