Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups

Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups

Online ISBN: 9780470682531

DOI: 10.1002/9780470682531

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  1. Acids and Bases
  2. Additions to X = Y
  3. Analytical Methods
  4. APPL
  5. Biological Chemistry
  6. Catalysis
    1. Arene-Catalyzed Lithiation
    2. Biological Aspects of Metal Enolates
    3. Catalysis of Diels–Alder Reactions in Water and in Hydrogen-Bonding Environments
    4. Catalysis of Organic Processes by Metal Phenolates
    5. Catalysis of organic transformations by gold nanoparticles supported on metal oxides
    6. Catalysis Using β-Diketonato Metal Complexes
    7. Catalytic Enantioselective Conjugate Addition and Allylic Alkylation Reactions Using Grignard Reagents
    8. Catalytic Enantioselective Reactions using Organomanganese Compounds
    9. Coordination Chemistry and Applications of Nitrilotris(N-Methylenephenoxy)–Metal Complexes
    10. Coordination Chemistry and Applications of Salen, Salan and Salalen Metal Complexes
    11. Coordination Chemistry of o-Semiquinones
    12. Copper Peroxide Bioinorganic Chemistry: From Metalloenzymes to Bioinspired Synthetic Systems
    13. Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Conjugate Addition
    14. Copper-Mediated Asymmetric Allylic Alkylations
    15. Electrophilic Selenium/Tellurium Reagents: Reactivity and their Contribution to Green Chemistry
    16. Enzyme Mimetic Chemistry of Organoselenium Compounds
    17. Ferrocenes in Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry
    18. Functionalized Organozinc Compounds
    19. Gold-Catalyzed Addition of HX to Alkynes
    20. Gold-Catalyzed Benzannulations
    21. Gold-catalyzed migrations and ring expansions
    22. Gold-Promoted Sigmatropic Rearrangements
    23. Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation
    24. Iron-Catalyzed C[BOND]C Bond Formation with C[BOND]H Bond Activation
    25. Iron-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions
    26. Iron-Catalyzed Reactions of Grignard Reagents
    27. Iron-Mediated Asymmetric Synthesis
    28. Iron-promoted Reduction Reactions
    29. Metal Catalysed Cyclopropanation
    30. Metal Enolates in Polymer Science and Technology
    31. Metal Phenolates as Polymerization Catalysts
    32. Organic Transformations Promoted by Lewis Acid Iron Catalysts
    33. Organomanganese-Mediated Radical Reactions
    34. Palladium- or Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions with Organozincs and Related Organometals
    35. Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidation of Dienes
    36. Preparation and Reactivity of Organomanganese Compounds
    37. Recent Advances in the Direct Process
    38. s-Block-Metal-Mediated Manganation Reactions
    39. Selenium and Tellurium Heterocycles
    40. Single-Molecule Reactive Oxygen Species Detection in Photocatalytic Reactions
    41. Stereoselective Reactions of Organoselenium Reagents Including Catalysis
    42. Synthesis and reactivity of gold–olefin complexes
    43. The chemistry of gold fluoride complexes
    44. The chemistry of gold–allene complexes
    45. The Chemistry of Iron–Alkyl Complexes
    46. The Coordination and Catalytic Chemistry of Phosphinoferrocene Ligands—A Concise Introduction and Update
    47. Theory of Gold-Mediated Reactions: From Single Metal Site to Cluster
  7. Cation Radicals
  8. Complexes
  9. Dynamics
  10. Electrochemistry
  11. Electrochemistry
  12. Electron Spin Resonance
  13. Environment
  14. Gas Phase Chemistry
  15. History
  16. Hydrogen Bonds
  17. Industrial Chemistry
  18. Intermediates
  19. Isotopes
  20. Mass Spectrometry
  21. Mechanisms of Reactions of Group
  22. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  23. Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance
  24. Organometallic Derivates
  25. Photochemistry
  26. Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  27. Polymers
  28. Radiation
  29. Radical, Carbenes & Carbenoids
  30. Reactions of the group
  31. Rearrangements
  32. Reduction and Oxidation
  33. Reduction and Oxidation
  34. Spectroscopy
  35. Stereochemistry
  36. Structural Chemistry
  37. Substituent Effects
  38. Synthesis of the group
  39. Theory and computation
  40. Thermochemistry
  41. Toxicology
  42. Transition Metal Compound
  43. Transition Metal Compounds