Spain: From Dictatorship to Democracy 1939 to the Present

Spain: From Dictatorship to Democracy 1939 to the Present

Author(s): Javier Tusell, Rosemary Clark

Print ISBN: 9780631206156

Online ISBN: 9780470690031

DOI: 10.1002/9780470690031

Author Biography

About the Author

Javier Tusell was Professor of Contemporary History at the National University of Distance Learning (UNED). Best known as a historian of contemporary Spain, he published more than 50 books on the subject in his lifetime. During an early foray into politics, he negotiated the return to Spain of Picasso's anti-war masterpiece, Guernica, and was elected UCD councillor for Madrid in 1979. Latterly he became a respected media commentator on Spanish history and especially the Franco dictatorship.

Rosemary Clark, college lecturer at Downing College, is an affiliated lecturer in Spanish at the University of Cambridge specializing in Modern Peninsular Spanish literature, history, and culture. Particular interests are post-colonialism, Spain and Africa, religious issues, and regionalism.