Mark Twain: A Short Introduction

Mark Twain: A Short Introduction

Author(s): Stephen Railton

Print ISBN: 9780631234739

Online ISBN: 9780470690215

DOI: 10.1002/9780470690215


"A concise, yet amazingly rich, informative, well-researched, and readable introduction to Mark Twain's major works, from Innocents Abroad to Pudd'nhead Wilson. In his fresh and helpful interpretations Stephen Railton, developer of the popular website 'Mark Twain in His Times,' provides relevant biographical and historical backgrounds and incorporates a broad spectrum of criticism." Werner Sollors, Harvard University

"Stephen Railton offers a highly readable and crisply argued discussion of Samuel Clemens' literary persona Mark Twain as public performance and of the relationship Clemens nurtured and continues to nurture with his readers...A most useful primer in the social and aesthetic impact of Mark Twain's art." Michael J. Kiskis, Elmira College

"Even though Mark Twain (as Samuel Clemens) did die, Railton's book by its very existence proves that Mark Twain still lives, in his works, the legacy of his life, nearly ninety-four years after his physical demise. Mark Twain is dead. Long live Mark Twain!" Mark Twain Forum