Dictionary of Artifacts

Dictionary of Artifacts

Author(s): Barbara Ann Kipfer

Print ISBN: 9781405118873

Online ISBN: 9780470690901

DOI: 10.1002/9780470690901


"This is a well-planned, well-written and nicely produced volume. ... It will serve its target audience well." (Reference Reviews, April 2008)

"Definitions are written with the general reader in mind and address discovery, typology, dating, conservation, and decoration. ... This is a useful handbook for students and other lay readers interested in archaeology." (Library Journal)

"The nearly 3,000 entries are written in a style suitable for both specialists and general readers. They clarify terminology relating to many types of artifacts and representing a global range of the archaeological record--examples being cultural assemblages, time periods, and function. Beyond a basic level of identification by form and common characteristics, entries also address, as appropriate, questions of analysis, preservation and proper care, decoration, production methods and technology, well-known examples of each type of artifact, and types that are uniquely classified by their substance of manufacture. These types of data are often present in more general reference works on archaeology, but not usually treated as a separate dimension of the field." (CHOICE)