Understanding Historic Building Conservation

Understanding Historic Building Conservation

Editor(s): Michael Forsyth

Print ISBN: 9781405111720

Online ISBN: 9780470691823

DOI: 10.1002/9780470691823


"The stated aim of this work is to provide a snapshot of a number of individual conservation-related topics that afford concise and up-to-date information … .In this aim the book is mostly successful." (Journal of Building Appraisal, Autumn 2007)

"This book is a very interesting read. It is strongly recommended for anyone who is a historic building professional or who simply has interests in learning more about the subject." (Construction History Society Newsletter)

"Overall this book is useful to engineers, and contains other articles of use to engineers and building owners." (SPAB Magazines)

"First in a series of volumes that combine conservation philosophy with knowledge of traditional materials … .While substantial publications exist … few individuals and practices have ready access to all of these." (SirReadALot.org)