The Idea of Evil

The Idea of Evil

Author(s): Peter Dews

Print ISBN: 9781405117043

Online ISBN: 9780470691830

DOI: 10.1002/9780470691830

Author Biography

About the Author

Peter Dews is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Essex. He has published widely on 19th and 20th century European thought, with a focus on German Idealism, the Frankfurt School, and recent French philosophy. He is the author of Logics of Disintegration (1987, reissued 2006), and The Limits of Disenchantment (1995). He has also edited and introduced two books on the work of Jürgen Habermas: Autonomy and Solidarity: Interviews with Jürgen Habermas (1986) and Habermas: A Critical Reader (Blackwell, 1999).