Textbook of Hepatology: From Basic Science to Clinical Practice, Third Edition

Textbook of Hepatology: From Basic Science to Clinical Practice, Third Edition

Editor(s): Juan Rodés, Jean-Pierre Benhamou, Andres T. Blei, Jürg Reichen, Mario Rizzetto

Published Online: 15 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9781405127417

Online ISBN: 9780470691861

DOI: 10.1002/9780470691861

About this Book

THE encyclopedic guide to hepatology - for consultation by clinicians and basic scientists

Previously the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Hepatology, this two-volume textbook is now with Blackwell Publishing. It covers basic, clinical and translational science (converting basic science discoveries into the practical applications to benefit people).

Edited by ten leading experts in the liver and biliary tract and their diseases, along with outstanding contributions from over 200 international clinicians, this text has global references, evidence and extensive subject matter - giving you the best science and clinical practice discussed by the best authors.

It includes unique sections on:

  • Symptoms and signs in liver disease
  • Industrial diseases affecting the liver
  • The effects of diseases of other systems on the liver
  • The effects of liver diseases on other systems

It's bigger and more extensive than other books and discusses new areas in more depth such as stem cells, genetics, genomics, proteomics, transplantation, mathematics and much more.

Plus, it comes with a fully searchable CD ROM of the entire content.

Click here to view a sample chapter on the liver and coagulation

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1.1

      Macroscopic Anatomy of the Liver (pages 1–8)

      Jean H.D. Fasel, Holger Bourquain, Heinz-Otto Peitgen and Pietro E. Majno

    3. Chapter 1.2

      Liver and Biliary Tract Histology (pages 9–19)

      Paulette Bioulac-Sage, Brigitte Le Bail and Charles Balabaud

    4. Chapter 2.1

      Hepatic Circulation (pages 73–88)

      Christophe Bureau, Jean-Marie Péron, Jean-Pierre Vinel, Yoshiya Ito, Robert S. McCuskey, Glen A. Laine and Charles S. Cox

    5. Chapter 2.2

      Functions of the Liver (pages 89–128)

      Paulo Renato, A. V. Correa, Michael H. Nathanson, Allan W. Wolkoff, Phyllis M. Novikoff, Sundararajah Thevananther, Saul J. Karpen, Ronald P.J.Oude Elferink, Gerhard P. Püschel and Bruno Stieger

    6. Chapter 2.3

      Metabolism (pages 129–249)

      Guenther Boden, Erez F. Scapa, Keishi Kanno, David E. Cohen, Margaret E. Brosnan, John T. Brosnan, Dominique Pessayre, Namita Roy-Chowdhury, Yang Lu, Jayanta Roy-Chowdhury, Peter L.M. Jansen, Klaas Nico Faber, Dieter Häussinger, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, José C. Fernández-Checa, Carmen García-Ruiz, Hervé Puy, Jean-Charles Deybach, Masataka Okuno, Rie Matsushima-Nishiwaki, Soichi Kojima, Kyle E. Brown, George J. Brewer, Edward D. Harris, Fred K. Askari, Brent A. Neuschwander-Tetri, Chris Liddle and Catherine A.M. Stedman

    7. Chapter 2.4

      Synthetic Function (pages 250–273)

      Richard A. Weisiger, Maria T. DeSancho, Stephen M. Pastores and Rebecca G. Wells

    8. Chapter 2.5

      Regulation of the Liver Cell Mass (pages 274–289)

      Nisar P. Malek, K. Lenhard Rudolph and Anna Mae Diehl

    9. Chapter 2.6

      Excretion (pages 290–311)

      Martin Wagner, Michael Trauner, Mayank Bhandari and James Toouli

    10. Chapter 2.7

      Immunology of the Liver (pages 312–331)

      Tom Luedde, Christian Trautwein, Wajahat Z. Mehal, Alvin B. Imaeda and Wajahat Z. Mehal

    11. Chapter 3.1

      Hepatocyte Apoptosis and Necrosis (pages 333–347)

      Henning Schulze-Bergkamen, Marcus Schuchmann and Peter R. Galle

    12. Chapter 3.3

      Genetics and Liver Diseases (pages 356–383)

      Hongjin Huang, Ramsey Cheung, Peter T. Donaldson and Frank Lammert

    13. Chapter 3.6

      Genomics, Gene Arrays and Proteomics in the Study of Liver Disease (pages 398–420)

      Geoffrey W. McCaughan, Nicholas A. Shackel, Rohan Williams, Devanshi Seth, Paul S. Haber and Mark D. Gorrell

    14. Chapter 4.1

      Histological Features (pages 421–432)

      Valeer J. Desmet, Tania Roskams and Miguel Bruguera

    15. Chapter 5.6

      Imaging of the Liver (pages 500–548)

      Luigi Bolondi, Valeria Camaggi, Fabio Piscaglia, Daniel T. Cohen, Dushyant V. Sahani, Christoforos Stoupis, Sanjeeva P. Kalva, Dushyant V. Sahani, Alan J. Wigg and James Toouli

    16. Chapter 5.7

      Interventional Radiology in Hepatobiliary Diseases (pages 549–560)

      José Ignacio Bilbao Jaureguízar, Concepció Bru, Joan Falcó Fages and Lluís Donoso

    17. Chapter 8.1

      Congenital Conditions (pages 779–809)

      Jean-Pierre Benhamou, Valérie Vilgrain, Valérie Vilgrain, Valérie Vilgrain, Valérie Vilgrain, Valérie Vilgrain, Jean-Pierre Benhamou, Jean-Pierre Benhamou and Jean-François Cadranel

    18. Chapter 9.3

      Human Immunodeficiency Virus and the Liver (pages 974–987)

      Vincent Soriano, Pablo Barreiro, Javier García-Samaniego, Luz Martín-Carbonero and Marina Nuñez

    19. Chapter 9.4

      Exotic Virus Infections of the Liver (pages 988–998)

      Pierre E. Rollin, Thomas G. Ksiazek, Alberto Queiroz Farias and Flair José Carrilho

    20. Chapter 10.3

      Protozoal Infections Affecting the Liver (pages 1020–1039)

      David Kershenobich, Guillermo Robles Díaz, Juan Miguel Abdo, Montse Renom, Pedro L. Alonso and Manuel Corachan

    21. Chapter 10.4

      Helminthiasis (pages 1040–1067)

      Flair Carrilho, Pedro Paulo Chieffi, Luiz Caetano Da Silva, S. Bresson-Hadni, G.A. Mantion, J.P Miguet, D.A. Vuitton, Marcelo Simão Ferreira and Edna Strauss

    22. Chapter 11.3

      Sclerosing Cholangitis (pages 1103–1110)

      Konstantinos N. Lazaridis and Nicholas F. LaRusso

    23. Chapter 17.2

      Obstruction of the Portal Vein (pages 1395–1402)

      Juan Carlos García-Pagán, Manuel Hernández-Guerra and Jaime Bosch

    24. Chapter 18.1

      Benign Hepatic Tumours (pages 1425–1436)

      Jean-Pierre Benhamou, Massimo Colombo and Riccardo Lencioni

    25. Chapter 18.2

      Malignant Tumours (pages 1437–1463)

      Jordi Bruix, Alejandro Forner, María Varela, Carmen Ayuso, Josep María Llovet, Miguel Bruguera and Juan Rodés

    26. Chapter 18.3

      Metastatic Tumours (pages 1464–1478)

      Masamichi Kojiro, Antoni Castells and Humphrey J.F. Hodgson

    27. Chapter 19.3

      Gallstone Disease (pages 1518–1540)

      Frank Lammert, Franz-Ludwig Dumoulin and Tilman Sauerbruch

    28. Chapter 19.8

      Gallbladder Carcinoma (pages 1575–1582)

      Thomas A. Aloia, Christopher H. Crane and Jean-Nicolas Vauthey

    29. Chapter 20.1

      The Liver in Cardiovascular Disease (pages 1607–1615)

      Susan Tiukinhoy-Laing, Andres T. Blei and Mihai Gheorghiade

    30. Chapter 21.4

      Haemostasis in Liver Disease (pages 1780–1797)

      Stephen H. Caldwell, Patrick G. Northup and Vinay Sundaram

    31. Chapter 24.4

      Hepatobiliary Trauma (pages 1953–1961)

      K. Raj Prasad, Patrick A. Coughlin and Giles J. Toogood

    32. Chapter 25.1

      Surgical Techniques (pages 1963–1983)

      Peter Neuhaus, Ramón Charco, Josp Fuster Obregón, Constantino Fondevila, Juan Carlos García-Valdecasas, Igal Kam, James Trotter and Gregory T. Everson

    33. Chapter 25.8

      Emerging Therapies (pages 2032–2052)

      Govardhana Rao Yannam, Jayanta Roy-Chowdhury, Ira J. Fox, Vanessa Stadlbauer and Rajiv Jalan

    34. Chapter 26.3

      Meta-Analysis (pages 2073–2079)

      Gioacchino Leandro and Andrew K. Burroughs

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