Infectious Disease Surveillance

Infectious Disease Surveillance

Author(s): Nkuchia M. M'ikanatha, Ruth Lynfield, Chris A. Van Beneden, Henriette de Valk

Published Online: 15 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9781405142663

Online ISBN: 9780470692097

DOI: 10.1002/9780470692097

About this Book

This unique book covers many major disease surveillance systems, drawing on the experiences of leading experts from around the world. Beginning with an overview of the newly revised International Health Regulations from the World Health Organization, the book progresses to explore surveillance systems currently in practice. Examples included are as far ranging as surveillance for antimicrobial-resistant foodborne pathogens, vaccine adverse events, influenza and HIV/AIDS, to communicable disease surveillance during complex emergencies in Iraq and Sudan.

Infectious Disease Surveillance also covers the use of modern technologies to track infectious diseases, including molecular epidemiologic techniques and electronic means for data collection and distribution. Other chapters discuss evaluation of surveillance methods, ethical considerations and legal issues. The book concludes with a review of historical lessons learned from the application of surveillance in disease control-for smallpox in the 1970s and for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003.

A comprehensive resource to improve the tracking of infectious diseases

  • Offers perspectives on best practices through examples of a wide variety of surveillance systems from around the globe
  • Acts as a starting point for design of new surveillance systems
  • Serves as an easy reference for key information

Designed for frontline public health practitioners engaged in communicable disease control, epidemiologists, clinical microbiologists, and students of public health and epidemiology, this book portrays both the conceptual framework and the practical aspects of infectious disease surveillance.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction and Program-Area Surveillance Systems

    1. Chapter 1

      Infectious Disease Surveillance: A Cornerstone for Prevention and Control (pages 1–17)

      Nkuchia M. M'ikanatha, Ruth Lynfield, Kathleen G. Julian, Chris A. Van Beneden and Henriette de Valk

  2. Part II: Use of Electronic and Web-Based Means in Infectious Disease Surveillance

    1. Chapter 21

      Use of the World Wide Web to Enhance Infectious Disease Surveillance (pages 281–293)

      Nkuchia M. M'ikanatha, Dale D. Rohn, David P. Welliver, Toby McAdams and Kathleen G. Julian

    2. Chapter 23

      The Global Public Health Intelligence Network (pages 304–317)

      Abla Mawudeku, Richard Lemay, Denise Werker, Roberta Andraghetti and Ron St. John

    3. Chapter 24

      National Notifiable Disease Surveillance in Egypt (pages 318–332)

      Frank Mahoney, Rana A. Hajjeh, Gerald F. Jones, Maha Talaat and Abdel-Nasser Mohammed Abdel Ghaffar

  3. Part III: Methods for Surveillance Data Analysis, Communication, and Evaluation

  4. Part IV: Law, Ethics, Training, and Partnership in Infectious Disease Surveillance

  5. Part V: Conclusions

    1. Chapter 40

      Future Directions in Infectious Disease Surveillance (pages 524–525)

      Ruth Lynfield, Nkuchia M. M'ikanatha, Chris A. Van Beneden and Henriette de Valk

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