Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery, Third Edition

Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery, Third Edition

Author(s): James A. DiNardo, David A. Zvara

Print ISBN: 9781405153638

Online ISBN: 9780470692288

DOI: 10.1002/9780470692288


"Easy to read.... A useful complementary text which will improve understanding and clinical practice for training registrars and practising anaesthetists." (Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, November 2009)

"It is compact straightforward and easy to read and offers valuable information.... It is obvious that the editors are seasoned educators because the text reflects information that satisfies the natural inquisitive nature of new trainees. This textbook is a practical straightforward guide for residents training in cardiothoracic anesthesia. The stated objectives of the authors have been met by offering a text that distills the essential knowledge ... into a succinct and well written text. I highly recommend this textbook as an educational tool for the core curriculum in training programs." (Journal of the American Medical Association, December 2008)

"...this book is a prime example that a nearly 'one-man show' can result in a fine textbook...focused, comprehensive prose and excellent illustrations...I would recommend this text as a comprehensive review..." (Anesthesiology)