The Handbook of Educational Linguistics

The Handbook of Educational Linguistics

Editor(s): Bernard Spolsky, Francis M. Hult

Print ISBN: 9781405154109

Online ISBN: 9780470694138

DOI: 10.1002/9780470694138


"The Handbook of Educational Linguistics will not, and could not, accomplish this alone, but it is an invaluable resource in helping us to move forward in this direction."  (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2012)

"Spolsky and Hult have put together a book that is not only authoritative, but also original and innovative in scope and treatment. The editors have succeeded in combining the extensive experience of a senior scholar and the fresh insights of a junior scholar with those of the international contributors in order to make this a book that transforms our understandings of educational linguistics for today." Ofelia García, Columbia University

"This Handbook is a splendid compilation of contributions that takes stock of the major areas that are shaping the emerging discipline of Educational Linguistics as well as identifies research lacunae that are likely candidates for future attention. The editors' success in attracting contributions from such a diverse group of scholars is particularly welcome." G. Richard Tucker, Carnegie Mellon University

"This is not just another handbook! It is a foundational contribution to the entire field of linguistics and to its rapidly proliferating subdisciplines. The range of topics is expansive, comprehensive, and complementary-from linguistic theory and language ideology to linguistically and culturally responsible education and politics. A well-conceived and elegantly constructed collection!" Walt Wolfram, North Carolina State University