A Spanish Grammar Workbook

A Spanish Grammar Workbook

Author(s): Esther Santamaría Iglesias

Print ISBN: 9780631228486

Online ISBN: 9780470696125

DOI: 10.1002/9780470696125


'The main strengths of A Spanish Grammar Workbook lie in the number, creativity, and variety of exercises provided at various proficiency levels. The fresh, creative approach of many of the exercises, especially the variety of puzzles, provides engaging and enjoyable ways for learners to interact with the language while reinforcing grammatical concepts. This workbook could be used by instructors as a valuable source of ready-made exercises which could be incorporated in the classroom or, alternatively, as testing materials. While the workbook's main audience is learners of Spanish as a second language, many of the intermediate and advanced exercises would also be appropriate and challenging for heritage speakers who wish to improve their knowledge of and proficiency in various subtleties of the Spanish language. 'A Spanish Grammar Workbook' is a valuable tool for students seeking to practice and review various aspects of Spanish Grammar that can be used over the course of the learning process. It is also a useful source of exercises in a variety of formats for instructors and tutors who are looking for creative ways to make the learning process more enjoyable and engaging for learners.' The Linguist List

'This workbook is a welcome addition for those who need to thoroughly test, review or improve their knowledge of Spanish grammar at the basic, intermediate and advanced level.' Héctor Campos, Georgetown University