Culture-on-Demand: Communication in a Crisis World

Culture-on-Demand: Communication in a Crisis World

Author(s): James Lull

Print ISBN: 9781405160643

Online ISBN: 9780470696545

DOI: 10.1002/9780470696545


"James Lull shows that religion and media ravenously feed off each other--often for the worse. But he also points the way to a future of 'global wisdom,' which leverages the best ideals of communication and faith. This is one gospel worth preaching."
Irshad Manji, author, The Trouble with Islam Today<!--end-->

"With uncommon brilliance, extreme intellectual agility, and profound cultural wisdom, James Lull's latest book faces courageously and optimistically the most daunting challenges of our troubled times."
Eduardo Neiva, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Taking global cultural analysis in refreshing new directions, James Lull offers the reader powerful insights into the social and symbolic realities of the 21st Century."
Gabriela Pedroza, Monterrey Institute of Technology

"In this impressively wide-ranging study, Lull makes an impassioned plea for the new media technologies to be brought to the forefront of the struggle against cultural prejudice. Calling for cooperation rather than conflict, open-minded communication rather than fundamentalist pronouncements, Lull persuasively argues the case for greater diversity and tolerance across global society."
Stuart Sim, University of Sunderland

"An intriguing essay on culture and modern cultural practices. Lull is intellectually honest in assessing the counterarguments to his positions." Communication Research Trends