Fish Welfare

Fish Welfare

Editor(s): Edward J. Branson

Published Online: 7 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9781405146296

Online ISBN: 9780470697610

DOI: 10.1002/9780470697610

About this Book

Fish have the same stress response and powers of nociception as mammals. Their behavioural responses to a variety of situations suggest a considerable ability for higher level neural processing - a level of consciousness equivalent perhaps to that attributed to mammals.

Each chapter of this book has been written by specialists in their field. The subject matter is wide ranging and covers in detail concepts of animal welfare in addition to more specific aspects of fish welfare. Philosophical concepts of welfare are discussed along with more practical areas of fish welfare encompassing all husbandry and management activities that have a potential to affect the welfare of the fish in our care.

This book is an essential purchase for fish veterinarians, fish farmers, fish biologists and those involved in the aquaculture industry and its regulation.

Table of contents

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    1. Introduction (pages 1–3)

      Edward J. Branson and Peter J. Southgate

  1. Part I: General Fish Welfare

    1. Chapter 5

      Can Fish Suffer? (pages 78–92)

      Victoria A. Braithwaite and Philip Boulcott

  2. Part II: Aquaculture and Fish Welfare

    1. Chapter 8

      Stocking Density and the Welfare of Farmed Salmonids (pages 111–120)

      James F. Turnbull, Ben P. North, Tim Ellis, Colin E. Adams, James Bron, Craig M. MacIntyre and Felicity A. Huntingford

    2. Chapter 9

      Fin Erosion in Farmed Fish (pages 121–149)

      Tim Ellis, Birgit Oidtmann, Sophie St-Hilaire, James F. Turnbull, Ben P. North, Craig M. MacIntyre, John Nikolaidis, Imogen Hoyle, Steve C. Kestin and Toby G. Knowles

  3. Part III: Ornamental Fish and Welfare

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