Evidence-based Ophthalmology

Evidence-based Ophthalmology

Editor(s): Richard Wormald, Liam Smeeth, Katherine Henshaw, Anupa Shah

Print ISBN: 9780727914439

Online ISBN: 9780470698709

DOI: 10.1002/9780470698709


Journal Graefes Archive:

This volume is unique. It offers a firm anchor in the immense troubled seas of medical literature. The book is accompanied by a free, fully searchable, convenient-to-use CDROM. The three editors have succeeded in harmonizing the input of the 64 highly competent and reputable authors who wrote the 53 chapters covering all subspecialties in ophthalmology.

This valuable textbook starts with a well-structured glossary and a section on the basics of evidence in medicine. The three chapters of this section enlighten the reader about the essentials of medical evidence. The following 50 chapters on all areas of clinical ophthalmology accumulate information which respects the prerequisites of scientific evidence, thus making the vast literature much more manageable. Each chapter comprises a series of relevant questions which are followed by a paragraph of evidence focussed on the problem, epidemiology, clinical considerations, management options and comments-altogether a very handy format. Each chapter is concluded by a series of references on publications at a high level of evidence. Major trials are categorized in appropriate tables and integrated into the text. An easy-to-use index at the end of the book rounds off its contents. The book's price of GBP 90 is undoubtedly very good value. I do hope this book finds a broad application for the benefit of critical patient care.