Cities of Whiteness

Cities of Whiteness

Author(s): Wendy S. Shaw

Print ISBN: 9781405129138

Online ISBN: 9780470712931

DOI: 10.1002/9780470712931


"Cities of Whiteness is an important contribution to our understanding of how race works in the postmodern city. It shows in clear and convincing detail how whiteness is bound up with property, heritage and fear."
Alastair Bonnett, Newcastle University <!--end-->

"Wendy S. Shaw writes with passion, with political commitment, carefully and engagingly, and with the kind of gallows humour that can be expected in grim situations. Her subtle and always empirically-grounded analysis astutely picks at the invisible structures of racialization that underpin white privilege and power. Sydney and New York, after Cities of Whiteness, are not such virtuous cities of multiculturalism. Instead, we see these cities afresh, complete with their promiscuous and particular processes of white superiority."
Steve Pile, The Open University