Planets and Planetary Systems

Planets and Planetary Systems

Author(s): Stephen Eales

Published Online: 23 APR 2009

Print ISBN: 9780470016923

Online ISBN: 9780470721780

DOI: 10.1002/9780470721780

About this Book

Planetary Science is an exciting, fast-moving, interdisciplinary field with courses taught in a wide range of departments, including astronomy, physics, chemistry, earth sciences and biology. Planets and Planetary Systems is a well-written, concise introductory textbook on the science of planets within our own and other solar systems.

Keeping mathematics to a minimum, assuming only a rudimentary knowledge of calculus, the book begins with a description of the basic properties of the planets in our solar systems, and then moves on to compare them with what is known about planets in other solar systems. It continues by looking at the surfaces, interiors and atmospheres of the planets and then covers the dynamics and origin of planetary systems. The book closes with a look at the role of life in planetary systems.

·        An accessible, concise introduction to planets and planetary systems

·        Uses insights from all the disciplines underlying planetary science

·        Incorporates results from recent planetary space missions, such as Cassini to Saturn and a number of missions to Mars

·        Well illustrated throughout, including a colour plate section

Planets and Planetary Systems is invaluable to students taking courses in planetary science across a wide range of disciplines and of interest to researchers and many keen amateur astronomers, needing an up-to-date introduction to this exciting subject.

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