Mobile WiMAX

Mobile WiMAX

Editor(s): Kwang-Cheng Chen, J. Roberto B. de Marca

Published Online: 29 FEB 2008

Print ISBN: 9780470519417

Online ISBN: 9780470723937

DOI: 10.1002/9780470723937

About this Book

The first book to cover one of the hottest subjects in wireless communications today, Mobile WiMAX

  • Summarises the fundamental theory and practice of Mobile WiMAX
  • Presents topics at introductory level for readers interested in understanding communication and networking knowledge for Mobile WiMAX, whilst addressing advanced / specialised subjects related to Mobile WiMAX
  • Contains the latest advances and research from the field and shares knowledge from the key players working in this area

Chapter 1 updates Mobile WiMAX status and standards; Chapters 2-6 are related to physical layer transmission; Chapters 7-12 deal with MAC and networking issues; Chapters 13-14 discuss relay networks for mobile WiMAX; and Chapters 15-19 present multimedia networking for mobile WiMAX and application scenarios.

Ideal for Mobile WiMAX R&D/practicing engineers (systems, applications and services, field, terminal, IC design, integration), business development professionals, academic researchers. Graduate students conducting research and graduate students studying in mobile WiMAX and next generation wireless communications. Undergraduate students studying mobile WiMAX related subjects

Table of contents

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  1. Part One: Physical Layer Transmission

    1. Chapter 2

      An Analysis of MIMO Techniques for Mobile WiMAX Systems (pages 13–30)

      Bertrand Muquet, Ezio Biglieri, Andrea Goldsmith and Hikmet Sari

    2. Chapter 5

      Phase Noise Estimation in OFDMA Uplink Communications (pages 67–87)

      Yi-Ching Liao, Chung-Kei Yu, Yi-Hsueh Lin and Kwang-Cheng Chen

  2. Part Two: Medium Access Control and Network Architecture

    1. Chapter 8

      All-IP Network Architecture for Mobile WiMAX (pages 125–144)

      Nat Natarajan, Prakash Iyer, Muthaiah Venkatachalam, Anand Bedekar and Eren Gonen

  3. Part Three: Multi-Hop Relay Networks

  4. Part Four: Multimedia Applications, Services, and Deployment

    1. Chapter 17

      WiMAX Extension to Isolated Research Data Networks: The WEIRD System (pages 329–352)

      Emiliano Guainella, Eugen Borcoci, Marcos Katz, Pedro Neves, Marilia Curado, Fausto Andreotti and Enrico Angori

    2. Chapter 18

      Business Model for a Mobile WiMAX Deployment in Belgium (pages 353–375)

      Bart Lannoo, Sofie Verbrugge, Jan Van Ooteghem, Bruno Quinart, Marc Casteleyn, Didier Colle, Mario Pickavet and Piet Demeester

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