Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research

Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research

Editor(s): Jan Wallcraft, Beate Schrank, Michaela Amering

Print ISBN: 9780470997956

Online ISBN: 9780470743157

DOI: 10.1002/9780470743157

Series Editor(s): Helen Herrman

Author Biography

About the Author

Jan Wallcraft is manager of the Service User Research Group for England (SURGE). She has been a leading member of the survivor/service user movement for many years and has contributed to a number of publications, e.g. "On Our Own Terms: a report on the mental health service user movement"; "Being There In A Crisis", and "Social Perspectives in Mental Health".

Beate Schrank has also worked for SURGE and has published on the concept of recovery in schizophrenia and on the use of the internet by people with schizophrenia.

Michaela Amering is internationally acknowledged in the field of public mental health and mental health policy. She has published on psychoeducation, informal carers (relatives), psychiatric advance directives and gender issues in mental health care, and has recently published a book on the 'recovery perspective' and its relevance in the care for people with psychosis. She has worked on user involvement issues in different countries and mental health care settings. She is secretary of the World Psychiatric Association Committee on Mental Health Policy. The English translation of her book on Recovery in Mental Health will also be published in March 2009.
All three editors have an impressive track record in the field of user involvement in mental health care.