Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys

Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys

Editor(s): Peter Lynn

Published Online: 20 FEB 2009

Print ISBN: 9780470018712

Online ISBN: 9780470743874

DOI: 10.1002/9780470743874

Series Editor(s): Robert M. Groves, Graham Kalton, J. N. K. Rao, Norbert Schwarz, Christopher Skinner

About this Book

Longitudinal surveys are surveys that involve collecting data from multiple subjects on multiple occasions. They are typically used for collecting data relating to social, economic, educational and health-related issues and they serve as an important tool for economists, sociologists, and other researchers.

Focusing on the design, implementation and analysis of longitudinal surveys, Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys discusses the current state of the art in carrying out these surveys. The book also covers issues that arise in surveys that collect longitudinal data via retrospective methods. Aimed at researchers and practitioners analyzing data from statistical surveys the book will also be suitable as supplementary reading for graduate students of survey statistics.

This book:

  • Covers all the main stages in the design, implementation and analysis of longitudinal surveys.
  • Reviews recent developments in the field, including the use of dependent interviewing and mixed mode data collection.
  • Discusses the state of the art in sampling, weighting and non response adjustment.
  • Features worked examples throughout using real data.
  • Addresses issues arising from the collection of data via retrospective methods, as well as ethical issues, confidentiality and non-response bias.
  • Is written by an international team of contributors consisting of some of the most respected Survey Methodology experts in the field

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 5

      Tackling Seam Bias Through Questionnaire Design (pages 73–92)

      Jeffrey Moore, Nancy Bates, Joanne Pascale and Aniekan Okon

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