The Lakes Handbook, Volume 2: Lake Restoration and Rehabilitation

The Lakes Handbook, Volume 2: Lake Restoration and Rehabilitation

Editor(s): P.E. O'Sullivan, C.S. Reynolds

Print ISBN: 9780632047956

Online ISBN: 9780470750506

DOI: 10.1002/9780470750506


"In this length-constrained review, it is simply impossible to do justice to a volume of such detail, scope and importance. While much of it is too specialized to serve as a stand-alone introductory text for the uninitiated (certainly more so than Volume 1), I suspect that this volume's appeal may be greater, given its strong applied focus. It promises a great deal for postgraduates commencing studies on lacustrine systems. No serious contemporary lake limnologist can afford to go without this volume. It is a must-have, and I anticipate frequent returns to my inspection copy of it." (African Journal of Aquatic Science, 2007)

"...The Lakes Handbook is a valuable contribution to the understanding of limnology, a science poorly-supported by definitive texts and is highly recommended!" Environews, Southern Africa

"This book is well organized and contains a wealth of information on lake restoration and rehabilitation...this is an excellent book and addresses its title very well." Environmental Conservation, February 2006