A-Z of Haematology

A-Z of Haematology

Editor(s): Barbara J. Bain, Rajeev Gupta

Print ISBN: 9781405103220

Online ISBN: 9780470750650

DOI: 10.1002/9780470750650


"Very little of substance is missing in this remarkable book. We suspect that it will be dog-eared and worn with good use in any laboratory or clinic."
British Journal of Haematology

"A great little book that will help all those with the difficult, hard to remember terms in haematology - ideal for trainees."
Drew Provan, Consultant Haematologist, RoyalLondonHospital

"Good, quick and easy reference guide - Barbara's books have an excellent reputation amongst haematologists around the world."
Mike Murphy, Consultant Haematologist, JohnRadcliffeHospital