Paleontological Data Analysis

Paleontological Data Analysis

Editor(s): Øyvind Hammer, David A.T. Harper

Print ISBN: 9781405115445

Online ISBN: 9780470750711

DOI: 10.1002/9780470750711

Author Biography

About the Author

Dr Øyvind Hammer is currently a Researcher in Paleontology at the Geological Museum in Oslo, and in Geobiology at the research center "Physics of Geological Processes". In addition to a number of research publications, he is the author of the popular data-analysis software PAST.

David Harper is a leading expert on fossil brachiopods and numerical methods in palaeontology. He is Professor of Palaeontology in the University of Copenhagen, where he is currently Head of Geology in the Natural History Museum of Denmark. He has published over 10 books and monographs, including a couple of influential textbooks, as well as over 250 scientific articles and, together with Øyvind Hammer, the widely-used software package PAST. His time is divided between collection management, exhibition work, research and some teaching.