Qualitative Research in Health Care, Third Edition

Qualitative Research in Health Care, Third Edition

Editor(s): Catherine Pope, Nicholas Mays

Print ISBN: 9781405135122

Online ISBN: 9780470750841

DOI: 10.1002/9780470750841


Review Published by Doody's Review Service--December 2006:

"This is the third edition of a book on how to conduct and interpret qualitative research that was initially published in 1996.

The purpose is to show how qualitative research can be used effectively in practice. This is a worthy goal, as the importance of qualitative research is becoming more recognized.

These authors are widely published in the area of qualitative research.

This fully revised and updated edition covers how to conduct interviews and focus groups, observational data collection, and conversational analysis.

Ethical issues are examined and suggestions for data analysis are provided. A chapter on assessing qualitative studies is included and the reader is introduced to combining quantitative and qualitative research methods. The book concludes with case studies, action research, and synthesizing qualitative research. This is a small book that provides the essential information about areas of qualitative research.

This book should be of interest to the target audience. It provides basic information regarding qualitative research and is a quick reference. New content and references have been included in this edition.

Weighted Numerical Score: 96 - 4 Stars!"

Diane M. Tomasic, EdD, RN(West Liberty State College)