Economic Development and the Division of Labor

Economic Development and the Division of Labor

Editor(s): Xiaokai Yang

Print ISBN: 9780631220039

Online ISBN: 9780470752036

DOI: 10.1002/9780470752036


"Economic Development and the Division of Labor is an exciting contribution that offers innovative perspectives on growth and development. It covers a void in the literature, and provides a rich and deep interpretation of the impact of endogenous specialization, institutions, and economic structure on growth. The text strikes a very good balance between the intuitive and analytical discussions, and relies constantly on references to contemporary data and the problems facing developing countries." Joshua Aizenman, Dartmouth College <!--end-->

"Economists, whatever their speciality, will find the book rewarding to read and stimulating to teach." Merton J. Peck, Yale University

"Xiaokai Yang is one of the world's most penetrating and exacting economic theorists, and one of the most creative minds in the economics profession." Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University