Marine Ornamental Species: Collection, Culture & Conservation

Marine Ornamental Species: Collection, Culture & Conservation

Editor(s): James C. Cato, Christopher L. Brown

Published Online: 25 FEB 2008

Print ISBN: 9780813829876

Online ISBN: 9780470752722

DOI: 10.1002/9780470752722

About this Book

Marine Ornamental Species: Collection, Culture and Conservation is a comprehensive resource containing information on the growing and economically important marine ornamental industry. Experts address current issues from a global perspective, covering the full-range of topics from world economics and product demand to aquatic animal health to ethnic and social/cultural concerns.

This up-to-date overview will contribute to the creation of an economically and environmentally viable future for this dynamic industry worldwide and for its diverse clientele by: outlining improvements in the methods for the collection and distribution of wild marine ornamental species; providing information to accelerate an increase in the variety, quantity, and availability of cultured marine ornamental species; and encouraging outreach activities in the conservation and husbandry of marine ornamental species

The value of and the interest in marine ornamentals from many governments as well as conservation organizations underline the critical need for this book. It is also essential reading for scientists involved in marine biology and conservation issues, aquarists at public and private aquaria, tropical fish farmers, advanced hobbyists, fishery biologists, importers and exporters of marine ornamentals, commercial collectors, veterinarians who specialize in fish disease, and businesses that manufacture or sell aquarium media, equipment, and feed.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 14

      Aquacultured Live Rock as an Alternative to Imported Wild-Harvested Live Rock: An Update (pages 207–218)

      William W. Falls, J. Nicholas Ehringer, Roy Herndon, Teresa Herndon, Michael Nichols, Sandy Nettles, Cynthia Armstrong and Darlene Haverkamp

    3. Chapter 24

      Trends Determined by Cyanide Testing on Marine Aquarium Fish in the Philippines (pages 325–340)

      Peter J. Rubec, Vaughan R. Pratt, Bryan McCullough, Benita Manipula, Joy Alban, Theo Espero and Emma R. Suplido

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