Introduction to Veterinary and Comparative Forensic Medicine

Introduction to Veterinary and Comparative Forensic Medicine

Editor(s): John E. Cooper, Margaret E. Cooper

Print ISBN: 9781405111010

Online ISBN: 9780470752944

DOI: 10.1002/9780470752944


"The text is well illustrated with 157 illustrations, including eight pages of color plates. The authors... [have a] unique insight and experience in forensic pathology.... this book will be applicable fo many veterinary practitioners throughout Europe and North America.... this is a useful text... which can serve as an excellent starting point and reference."- Veterinary Pathology

"This book... is much more than an introduction. It is, in every sense, a textbook. Indeed, it is truly a tome... plentifully illustrated and truly weighty, since it it is packed to overflowing with well established, but previously hard to find, facts and references.... a valued reference text, not only for those closely involved with cruelty work but also as an indispensable guide for general veterinary practitioners in their day-to-day work." - Veterinary Record

"It is clear that the authors... achieved their goal... the perfect team to produce a book on veterinary forensic science. Their lifetime experience and dedication to work on forensics and wildlife is reflected in the pages of this text.  The uncomplicated language, with rare use of technical jargon, the easy flow of text, the short sections and the synthesis of information in tables and figures - adding clarity to the interrelation of concepts - make this book easily comprehensible.... Plenty of discussion is dedicated to particular situations, culture, ways of thinking and attitudes towards animals in many parts of the world. Of great value is the comprehensive list of international references, which is extremely up-to-date and also includes items published centuries ago. Readers... are provided with a profound insight into the general aspects and diversity of disciplines involved in forensic medicine. This book serves the purpose of providing a comprehensive overview and, indeed an excellent introduction to veterinary and comparative forensic medicine." - Animal Welfare