Challenges in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Second Edition

Challenges in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Second Edition

Editor(s): Derek P. Jewell, Neil J. Mortensen, A. Hillary Steinhart, John H. Pemberton, Bryan F. Warren

Print ISBN: 9781405122344

Online ISBN: 9780470753170

DOI: 10.1002/9780470753170


"it should be used as a reference for the student of IBD and/or the clinician treating patients with IBD. In one text, it has thoroughly covered research pertaining to both basic science and clinical publications. It challenges the reader's imagination regarding the true causes and gives concrete treatment recommendations." Diseases of the Colon&Rectum

"This book will appeal to all those with an interest in IBD and a desire to explore the latest evidence driving both scientific research and clinical practice. Its strength is that it is limited to areas of controversy and change, and as such will undoubtedly run to many more editions."

"This book is a worthy edition to anyone's library who has a particular interest in the field. It is extensively referenced, well illustrated and represents excellent value for money."
Colorectal Disease

From a review of the first edition:
"The editors and publishers have succeeded admirably in at least three respects... Firstly, they have assembled an all-star cast of contributors ... Secondly, they have constructed this monograph ingeniously. Each chapter title is phrased as a question, which is then examined critically with scores of references that are pertinent and up to date. As a third defining feature of this ambitious volume, the editors have demanded and received from their authors highly critical analyses of "the most recently available evidence". The authors analyse and interpret the evidence in ways that allow each chapter to reach reasonably well founded conclusions."