Diseases of Sheep, Fourth Edition

Diseases of Sheep, Fourth Edition

Editor(s): I.D. Aitken

Published Online: 14 JAN 2008

Print ISBN: 9781405134149

Online ISBN: 9780470753316

DOI: 10.1002/9780470753316

About this Book

First published in 1983, Diseases of Sheep has become a definitive reference book on sheep diseases. This new edition has been revised and updated to maintain its original core structure and its international approach to the many diseases which affect sheep. Any veterinary surgeon or agriculturalist who works with sheep will continue to find the information in this book the most authoritative and comprehensive available.

  • Known to many as the "Moredun Sheep Book" because of its association with the Moredun Research Institute, long recognised as a centre of excellence in sheep disease research.
  • Special attention is given to specific regional disease problems in the Middle East, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America and South America.
  • Covers technical aspects of disease prevention and treatment, including uncommon diseases, as well as sheep welfare issues.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

  2. Part II: Welfare

  3. Part III: Reproductive Physiology

  4. Part IV: Reproductive Diseases

  5. Part V: Diseases of the Alimentary System

  6. Part VI: Diseases of the Respiratory System

  7. Part VII: Diseases of the Nervous System

  8. Part VIII: Diseases of the Feet and Legs

  9. Part IX: Diseases of the Skin, Wool and Eyes

  10. Part X: Metabolic and Mineral Disorders

  11. Part XI: Poisons

  12. Part XII: Tumours

  13. Part XIII: Other Important Diseases

  14. Part XIV: Regional Problems

  15. Part XV: Technical Section

  16. Part XVI: Appendices

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