The Sioux: The Dakota and Lakota Nations

The Sioux: The Dakota and Lakota Nations

Author(s): Guy Gibbon

Published Online: 14 JAN 2008

Print ISBN: 9781557865663

Online ISBN: 9780470755808

DOI: 10.1002/9780470755808

About this Book

This book covers the entire historical range of the Sioux, from their emergence as an identifiable group in late prehistory to the year 2000. The author has studied the material remains of the Sioux for many years. His expertise combined with his informative and engaging writing style and numerous photographs create a compelling and indispensable book.

  • A leading expert discusses and analyzes the Sioux people with rigorous scholarship and remarkably clear writing.
  • Raises questions about Sioux history while synthesizing the historical and anthropological research over a wide scope of issues and periods.
  • Provides historical sketches, topical debates, and imaginary reconstructions to engage the reader in a deeper thinking about the Sioux.
  • Includes dozens of photographs, comprehensive endnotes and further reading lists.

Table of contents