A Companion to Genethics

A Companion to Genethics

Editor(s): Justine Burley, John Harris

Print ISBN: 9780631206989

Online ISBN: 9780470756423

DOI: 10.1002/9780470756423


"The editors are to be congratulated on compiling such a stimulating and provocative volume. This is for those who wish to examine the basis of human bioethics thoroughly, whether they be novice or expert. Those who think they have clear attitudes to many of the ethical and social issues raised by developments in human genetics are likely to be forced to rethink at least some of their positions by the challenging and well-presented arguments that have been gathered together here."

Angus Clarke, University of Wales

"This timely book makes clear that genetic research will transform healthcare, choices about children, and standards of property. The contributors here stake out key questions facing health professionals and social policy makers, and they have insightful things to say about how we should go about answering those questions."

Timothy F. Murphy, University of IllinoisCollege of Medicine at Chicago

" ... Genethics makes some important contributions, offering a primer on key aspects of contemporary genetics before focusing on some of the most important ethical, legal, economic, political issues facing researchers, politicians, and, to some extent, the general population ... The book's strengths are its multidisciplinary approach, the overall quality of its contributions, and the refusal of most contributors to oversimplify and risk the microdeterminism of many popular essays." Choice