The Handbook of Pragmatics

The Handbook of Pragmatics

Editor(s): Laurence R. Horn, Gregory Ward

Print ISBN: 9780631225478

Online ISBN: 9780470756959

DOI: 10.1002/9780470756959


"This outstanding and far-ranging compendium comprises 32 articles that trace the contours of the field of pragmatics… Overall, this is an invaluable, comprehensive, and accessible volume that covers the broad range of pragmatic study embedded in cognitive, social, and cultural aspects of language and communication. Highly recommended." Choice

"The Handbook of Pragmatics presents a stunning view of the range of research enterprises and programs of those who have taken linguistic pragmatics 'out of the wastebasket'. Larry Horn and Gregory Ward have demonstrated by their selections and groupings an uncanny understanding of the coherence of this field and their book will stand as a landmark in linguistics for a long time to come." Ellen F. Prince, University of Pennsylvania

"It takes erudition, vision, and good taste to compile a good handbook of any field, even more so in the notoriously unruly field of pragmatics. Larry Horn and Gregory Ward have all of these. The editors have gathered together an excellent array of contributors to give us a handbook that will prove eminently useful to scholars and students within and outside pragmatics. Readers will find in it a reliable guide to the main pragmatic questions of the last three decades, which is insightful, up-to-date, authoritative, and accessible." Mira Ariel, Tel Aviv University

"It doesn't take much reading between the lines to see that this is a stunning collection of essays, written by a cadre of the field's best. Quality: superb. Quantity: vast. Relation: everything there is that's relevant to pragmatics. Manner: as clear as it gets!" Ivan A. Sag, Stanford University

"All in all, the Handbook of Pragmatics represents a broad spectrum of interests ... The collection's value is enhanced by an excellent "Introduction" from the joint hands of the editors, Larry Horn and Gregory Ward ... The book has been superbly produced, and the articles read generally very well." Intercultural Pragmatics