The Handbook of Applied Linguistics

The Handbook of Applied Linguistics

Editor(s): Alan Davies, Catherine Elder

Print ISBN: 9780631228998

Online ISBN: 9780470757000

DOI: 10.1002/9780470757000


"Handsomely produced, and very attractive visually. The editors, Alan Davies and Catherine Elder, are leading experts in applied linguistics and they have assembled a strong group of contributors to the enterprise… The Handbook of Applied Linguistics should be in every academic library, and I would recommend that applied linguists look at it, note specific chapters of interest, and read over those chapters carefully… Because of the depth allowed for each chapter, there is much thought-provoking material and many ideas that may challenge as well as support established positions." Language Teaching Research

"In the vast quarry of theories and interdisciplinary investigations of applied linguistics this rigorous and scholarly book is an authoritative guide to the focal issues. It provides both original and important contributions to the literature as well as signposts to the future." John C. Maher, International Christian University, Tokyo

"In its forty years of activity, applied linguistics has been concerned to define itself, its extent, and its relations with related fields. This handbook, edited by Davies and Catherine Elder, brings the issues up-to-date, providing not just a clear account of current work in the branches of the field by thirty of the best-known practitioners, but a cogent perspective justifying treating applied linguistics as an independent and united discipline." Bernard Spolsky, Bar-Ilan University

"This is a linguistically sophisticated, pedagogically sound, research oriented, interdisciplinary approach at defining applied linguistics as a discipline in its own right that should be in every applied linguist's library. A vade mecum." James E. Alatis, Georgetown University

"Davies and Elder are to be congratulated for the Handbook in Applied Linguistics. The handbook reflects the historical evolution of thinking in applied linguistics, its emerging dimensions, and successfully captures the nature of an internal critique of applied linguistics within applied linguistics. Because applied linguistics is firmly embedded within western applied linguistics, the handbook book forces us to reflect on the nature non-western applied linguistics might take." Sinfree Makoni, Pennsylvania State University