Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe

Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe

Editor(s): Judith Allen, James Barlow, Jesús Leal, Thomas Maloutas, Liliana Padovani

Print ISBN: 9781405103077

Online ISBN: 9780470757536

DOI: 10.1002/9780470757536


"Eagerly awaited because of the particular group of authors, the book was also to break new ground in its selection of countries - Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. In terms of the sheer numbers of researchers and publications, housing studies in Europe has been largely dominated by northern countries. Despite the combined population size and land area of the four southern countries.....they have been relatively neglected as an area of academic housing interest; this book constitutes the first extensive examination of their housing systems, widely accessible to housing researchers beyond their shores.

[The book has] an approach that locates housing in a far wider context than housing policies and population numbers; an effective combination of statistical and other information with theoretically informed analysis; and a coherent and well argued presentation. Overall Judith Allen and her co-authors have made a considerable contribution to the housing studies literature; for anyone interested in comparative housing studies - students and seasoned researchers alike - this is a must-read book." Housing, Theory and Society Vol 21, No 4

"An important contribution to the theoretical literature on international comparative housing research." European Journal of Housing Policy Vol 5 No 1

"An interesting analysis of housing in the context of welfare policy models in southern Europe and a welcome addition to a bibliography which does not increase rapidly." Urban Studies Sept 2005

"Fills a gap in the literature on comparative European housing policy. throws a new light on difficult social and housing policy issues throughout Europe." International Social Security Review, Vol 58/2-3

'The work is a rigorous, comparative and well- documented analysis of housing provision in Southern European countries. The book is extremely useful for researchers, students and policymakers who want to take advantage of some of the best approaches to housing and the welfare state through the perspective of the differences between North and South.' Journal of European Social Policy 2006

"An easy to absorb style and yet it still provides for good robust academic analysis....[the book] provides a wealth of information and, particularly for students, it enables the reader to access a valuable body of research through their analysis of well referenced sociological models." Housing Studies Vol 21 March 2006

'The book opens up new ways of developing research and improving our knowledge in order to contribute to a better design of housing policies across Europe.' Southern European Society and Politics