Planning, Public Policy & Property Markets

Planning, Public Policy & Property Markets

Editor(s): David Adams, Craig Watkins, Michael White

Published Online: 14 JAN 2008

Print ISBN: 9781405124300

Online ISBN: 9780470757789

DOI: 10.1002/9780470757789

About this Book

The focus of this book is on how public policy - and especially the planning system - both shapes and reflects the essential characteristics of land and property markets. It challenges the common misconceptions that property markets operate in isolation from public policy and that planning permission is the only significant form of state intervention in the market.

Planning, Public Policy & Property Markets contends that effective state-market relations in land and property are critical to a prosperous economy and a robust democracy, especially at a time when development aims to be sustainable and environmental protection needs to be matched by urban and rural regeneration.

The book thus reflects an increased realisation among academics and practitioners of the importance of theoretical integration and 'joined-up' policy-making. Its rounded perspective addresses a significant weakness in the academic literature and will encourage broader debate and a more pluralist agenda for property research.

Prominent contributors present important new research on different market sectors and policy arenas, including regeneration and renewal, housing growth, housing planning, transport and economic competitiveness, while the editors specifically draw out more general lessons on the dynamic nature of the state/property market relationship in a modern economy.

This book will encourage all those involved in property research who strive for theoretical and practical connectivity to demonstrate that, just as property market operations cannot be analysed without understanding state processes, policy decisions cannot be taken without an appreciation of how the market operates.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Introduction

  2. Part 2: Conceptualising Relationships

  3. Part 3: Unravelling the Relationships - Modelling Relationships

  4. Part 3: Unravelling the Relationships - Measurement Issues

    1. Chapter 8

      Urban Regeneration, Property Indices and Market Performance (pages 149–166)

      Alastair Adair, Jim Berry, Ken Gibb, Norman Hutchison, Stanley McGreal and Craig Watkins

  5. Part 3: Unravelling the Relationships - Surveys and Case Studies

  6. Part 4: Conclusions

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