Textbook of Surgery, Third Edition

Textbook of Surgery, Third Edition

Editor(s): Joe J. Tjandra, Gordon J.A. Clunie, Andrew H. Kaye, Julian A. Smith

Published Online: 21 JAN 2008

Print ISBN: 9781405126274

Online ISBN: 9780470757819

DOI: 10.1002/9780470757819

About this Book

Textbook of Surgery is a core book for medical and surgical students providing a comprehensive overview of general and speciality surgery. Each topic is written by an expert in the field.

The book focuses on the principles and techniques of surgical management of common diseases. Great emphasis is placed on problem-solving to guide students and junior doctors through their surgical training.

Throughout the book are numerous reproducible line drawings, tables and boxes that will prove invaluable for learning and revision. In addition there are detailed guidelines provided for surgical management.

Up-to-date and ideal for medical students and junior doctors on surgical attachments and a perfect refresher for RACS and MRCS candidates.

Reviews of the last edition

"The textbook presents a compact and contemporary overview and is not so much a reference book as a working tome suitable for familiarization with current trends in treatment and diagnosis in these various areas.

…found this textbook very informative and a pleasure to read."
ANZ Journal of Surgery Vol. 72, No. 12.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Principles of Surgery

  2. Part II: Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

  3. Part III: Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery

  4. Part IV: Lower Gastrointestinal Surgery

    1. Chapter 31

      Anal and Perianal Disorders (pages 257–270)

      Leslie Bokey, Pierre Chapuis and Joe J. Tjandra

  5. Part V: Breast Surgery

  6. Part VI: Endocrine Surgery

    1. Chapter 34

      Parathyroid (pages 299–302)

      Leigh Delbridge and Gordon Clunie

  7. Part VII: Head and Neck Surgery

  8. Part VIII: Hernias

  9. Part IX: Skin and Soft Tissues

  10. Part X: Trauma

  11. Part XI: Orthopaedic Surgery

  12. Part XII: Neurosurgery

  13. Part XIII: Vascular Surgery

  14. Part XIV: Urology

  15. Part XV: Cardiothoracic Surgery

  16. Part XVI: Problem Solving

    1. Chapter 66

      Ascites (pages 597–603)

      David M. A. Francis and David A. K. Watters

    2. Chapter 70

      Leg Swelling (pages 623–627)

      Steven T. F. Chan and David M. A. Francis

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