Manual of Smoking Cessation: A Guide For Counsellors and Practitioners

Manual of Smoking Cessation: A Guide For Counsellors and Practitioners

Author(s): Andy McEwen, Peter Hajek, Hayden McRobbie, Robert West

Print ISBN: 9781405133371

Online ISBN: 9780470757864

DOI: 10.1002/9780470757864


"Few quit-smoking books are as packed with relevant information or written in such a refreshingly concise manner. The authors break down the job of helping smokers into two basic components: 'Getting the essentials', which includes facts on smoking patterns, the health risks of smoking and the benefits of stopping; and 'Practical advice', which includes practitioner-friendly guidance for brief interventions, intensive one-on-one support, telephone counseling and group interventions. Throughout the manual, the authors offer many practical suggestions, including sample dialogue for health professionals. Sprinkled throughout each section are smokers' commonly asked questions and examples of clinician responses. The design of the book adds to its usefulness, with an engaging mix of text, bolded phrases, bulleted lists, boxed features such as quotes and myths, tables, referrals and resource materials. The Manual for Smoking Cessation is an informative, well-stated and sound practitioner guide."
Addiction, Vol 102: 2007<!--end-->

"This comprehensive manual on smoking cessation is clear, concise and accessible, making it attractive for lecturers and students, as well as busy practitioners and counsellors. Given the well-established health risks of smoking, the health benefits of smoking cessation should be the business of every healthcare professional. This manual makes a positive contribution to facilitating that process. [This book] covers smoking demographics, health risks of smoking and benefits of cessation. However the main thrust of the text is on practical advice, including brief interventions, one-to-one support, group interventions and telephone counselling. The manual is grounded in reality and does not underestimate the difficulties that people experience in combating nicotine addiction."
Nursing Standard, September 2006; Vol 21: No 2, 2006

"The book is user-friendly to the highest degree with regards to both its content and format. The broad field of smoking cessation is covered succinctly with knowledge that is based on available clinical evidence … .The size and the length … as well as the graphic design … enhance the manual's accessibility and utility. Its high practicality of use as a manual is also achieved by clear articulation of key messages … .Crucial ideas are presented in boxes and thus visually emphasized. The manual can also be used as a teaching aid … .The authors' model of smoking behavior is logically coherent and clinically consequential. [It] will certainly be an excellent source of practical information for anyone already engaged in or interested in working in the tobacco treatment field." International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction

"The Manual of Smoking Cessation: A Guide for Counsellors and Practitioners expertly synthesises the evidence base with current good practice to produce detailed advice on how best to help smokers to quit… This clear guidance on what to do and say to smokers wanting to stop is supplemented by the clever use of suggested phrases and frequently asked questions throughout the text. The result is not merely another text book; the Manual is exactly what it says in the title, it is A Guide for Counsellors and Practitioners." From the Foreword by Gay Sutherland, Tobacco Research Unit, Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK

"There is a very large body of science about how to help smokers stop and the major strength of this book is its ability to translate this science into practice… The authors' long experience on the front lines of smoking cessation practice and cutting-edge research on smoking cessation is evident in the many practical and concrete recommendations. The format of the book makes it a pleasure to read."
John R. Hughes, M.D., Department of Psychiatry, University of Vermont, Burlington, USA