The Britons

The Britons

Author(s): Christopher A. Snyder

Print ISBN: 9780631222606

Online ISBN: 9780470758366

DOI: 10.1002/9780470758366


"This lucid text cuts a logical swathe through the minefield of current debates, and provides an overview that will be welcomed by scholars and non-specialists alike. Anyone seeking an authoritative and eminently readable account of the early Britons should start with this book. I enjoyed it. Others will too." Lloyd Laing, University of Nottingham

"This book is about a fascinating, crucial and formative period of British History. There are plenty of controversial theories about the so-called 'Dark Ages', and yet Snyder offers a manageable overview that explores not only the latest scholarly works but also popular flights of fancy. This is a really well written book which is interesting, questioning, accessible and often amusing" Abbey's Advocate Newsletter

"Prof Snyder questions the view of historians from Bede onwards that the British were overwhelmed by massive Germanic immigration and a series of bloody wars. He says many historians are now subscribing to the theory that a small number of warrior elites imposed their culture on the Britons in what is now England. The Welsh, however, refused for centuries to accept new trends from continental Europe, even defying the Pope with their own calendar." Rhodri Clark, Western Mail (Cardiff)