Author(s): Alastair Ruffell, Jennifer McKinley

Print ISBN: 9780470057346

Online ISBN: 9780470758854

DOI: 10.1002/9780470758854


"The book is an excellent source of information on the applied aspect of Earth sciences.  In my opinion, the book is worth reading, especially for those who are professional geologists, geographers or geophysicists.  They may be surprised by the new, sometimes amazing applications of the methodology of their well-known disciplines." (Geologos, November 2010)

"A good contribution to the development of geoscience application in forensic studies and is well suited for educational purpose." (Geologica Belgica, April 2009)

"[The book] is concerned with evidence of crime from the world beneath our feet: it's more Time Team than Silent Witness … .This book shows that a great number of different scientific instruments and techniques are being used to provide evidence that will stand up in court." (Geomatics World, March/April 2009)

"The work is an excellent introductory text, written in a very accessible style, for students and practitioners alike … .To have all this in one book is a great addition to the forensic geoscience literature." (GiS Professional, February 2009)

"[This books is] an excellent coverage of the current state of knowledge in both forensics research and the practical application of these geological concepts and techniques.... The whole book is peppered with useful and appropriate examples from the authors' wide experiences and also from the wider literature. This book is an essential purchase." (Macaulay Institute, November 2008)