The JCT 05 Standard Building Sub-Contract

The JCT 05 Standard Building Sub-Contract

Author(s): Peter Barnes

Print ISBN: 9781405140485

Online ISBN: 9780470759707

DOI: 10.1002/9780470759707


'There is a superb background chapter on getting into contract. Then Barnes takes his reader through the machinery of the standard form. Better still, he tells you what to look for when signing up. The author's analysis of time obligations is excellent, as is his section on control of changes. Payment rules are comfortably explained. In short, Barnes is willing to share his 30 years of disputes with you and we could do with more books by him.' Tony Bingham, Building.

'Peter Barnes has over 30 years experience in contractor/ sub-contractor reltionships, so you would expect him to understnad the problmes that can arise at any stage in building contract and his experience is precisely what this book confirms.' The Expert & Dispute Resolver