Nanoplatform-Based Molecular Imaging

Nanoplatform-Based Molecular Imaging

Editor(s): Xiaoyuan Chen

Published Online: 25 MAY 2011 10:25AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470521151

Online ISBN: 9780470767047

DOI: 10.1002/9780470767047

About this Book

The cutting-edge guide on advancing the science of molecular imaging using nanoparticles

Nanoplathform-Based Molecular Imaging provides rationale for using nanoparticle-based probes for molecular imaging, then discusses general strategies for this underutilized, yet promising, technology. It addresses general strategies of particle synthesis and surface chemistry, applications in computed tomography optical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, multimodality imaging, theranostics, and finally, the clinical perspectives of nanoimaging. This comprehensive volume summarizes the opinions of those in the forefront of research and describes the latest developments by emphasizing fundamentals and initiating hands-on application.


Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Basics of Molecular Imaging and Nanobiotechnology

    1. Chapter 4

      Biodistribution and Pharmacokinetics of Nanoprobes (pages 75–104)

      Nagesh Kolishetti, Frank Alexis, Eric M. Pridgen and Omid C. Farokhzad

  2. Part II: Nanoparticles for Single Modality Molecular Imaging

    1. Chapter 12

      Ultrasound-Based Molecular Imaging Using Nanoagents (pages 263–278)

      Srivalleesha Mallidi, Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Kimberly Homan, Bo Wang, Min Qu, Timothy Larson, Konstantin Sokolov and Stanislav Emelianov

    2. Chapter 14

      Cellular Magnetic Labeling with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (pages 309–331)

      Sébastien Boutry, Sophie Laurent, Luce Vander Elst and Robert N. Muller

    3. Chapter 15

      Nanoparticles Containing Rare Earth Ions: A Tunable Tool for MRI (pages 333–374)

      C. Rivière, S. Roux, R. Bazzi, J.-L. Bridot, C. Billotey, P. Perriat and O. Tillement

  3. Part III: Nanoparticle Platforms as Multimodality Imaging and Therapy Agents

    1. Chapter 30

      Perfluorocarbon Nanoparticles: A Multidimensional Platform for Targeted Image-Guided Drug Delivery (pages 725–753)

      Gregory M. Lanza, Shelton D. Caruthers, Anne H. Schmieder, Patrick M. Winter, Tillmann Cyrus and Samuel A. Wickline

  4. Part IV: Translational Nanomedicine

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