The Silicon-Heteroatom Bond (1991)

The Silicon-Heteroatom Bond (1991)

Author(s): D. A. (‘Fred’) Armitage, Robert. J. P. Corriu, Tom C. Kendrick, Bhukan Parbhoo, T. Don Tilley, James W. White, J. Colin Young

Published Online: 16 JAN 2010

Print ISBN: 9780471929048

Online ISBN: 9780470772447

DOI: 10.1002/9780470772447

About this Book

This is the most recent of the Patai Updates, the "spin-off" series from the "Chemistry of Functional Groups". It covers hypervalent silicon compounds; siloxane polymers and copolymers; organosilicon derivatives of phosphorus; arsenic; antimony; and bismuth; chemistry of compounds with silicon-sulphur; silicon-selenium and silicon-tellurium bonds; transition-metal silyl derivatives; and chemistry of compounds with silicon-nitrogen bonds.

Table of contents

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