Community Psychology: Challenges, Controversies and Emerging Consensus

Community Psychology: Challenges, Controversies and Emerging Consensus

Author(s): Jim Orford

Print ISBN: 9780470855935

Online ISBN: 9780470773154

DOI: 10.1002/9780470773154

Author Biography

About the Author

Jim Orford is Professor Emeritus and Head of the Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling and Addiction research Group in the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham, England. He trained in clinical psychology in the 1960s and since the has worked in Manchester, London, Exeter and Birmingham in positions that have always straddled the National Health Service and the university Sector. He is committed to public service provision. Through his writings and in other ways he has been an enthusiastic promoter of community psychology in the UK and in the rest of Europe. This is his second book on the subject. The first, Community Psychology: Theory and Practice, was published by Wiley in 1992. Other Wiley books include Excessive Appetites: A Psychological View of Addictions (second edition 2001). Among his other books, the  most recent are Gambling and Problem Gambling in Britain (with K. Sproston, B. Erens, C. White and L. Mitchell, 2003) and Coping with Alcohol and Drug Problems: The Experiences of Family Members in Three Contrasting Cultures (with G. Natera, A. Copello, C.Atkinson, J. Mora R. Velleman, I. Crundall, M. Tiburcio, L. Templeton and G. Walley, 2005).