Ideas of Landscape

Ideas of Landscape

Author(s): Matthew Johnson

Print ISBN: 9781405101592

Online ISBN: 9780470773680

DOI: 10.1002/9780470773680


"I read Matthew Johnson's Ideas of Landscape (Blackwell) with intense interest. It discusses the theory and practice of landscape archaeology and the Romantic English landscape tradition, boldly taking on received opinion about figures such as Wordsworth and WG Hoskins, and making us think hard about what we can know about the past, why we want to know it, and how we may be misled about it. It's an original, informative, and well-argued work, accessible to the general reader, and both worrying and illuminating."
-Margaret Drabble, Times Literary Supplement

"One might suggest that in this excellent work, Johnson has written an archaeology of knowledge concerning landscape studies. A glossary and illustrations add meaningfully to a work of much industry … Highly recommended." (Choice)

"Ideas of Landscape is a challenging and accessible contribution to an expanding theoretical and historical field. Mobilizing the English topographical tradition of scholarship, centred on the writings of W.G. Hoskins, the book positions a critical understanding of landscape, as both cultural representation and physical reality, at the centre of the study of the past and its meanings in the present." -Stephen Daniels, Professor of Cultural Geography, University of Nottingham

"Matthew Johnson writes an archaeology of knowledge for landscape studies. He enables us to know what to study next by knowing how the field was formed and the mistakes its practitioners made. Both a deconstruction and a forecast, Johnson's volume ranks with the new books on race by Orser, on colonialism by Schrire, and with his own foundational An Archaeology of Capitalism. With these books historical archaeology is mature." -Mark P. Leone, Professor of Anthropology, University of Maryland

"Ideas of Landscape is a towering contribution--shall we say, a high vantage point from which one can survey a scholarly landscape?" (Canadian Journal of Archaeology)

"I have always found Johnson's work … Extremely inviting, engaging and thoughtful. Ideas of Landscape is no exception. The scope of his scholarship is impressive and he has a knack for presenting it with flair, selecting colourful quotes and examples to illustrate points." (Cambridge Archaeological Journal, October 2008)