Conflict and Cooperation: Institutional and Behavioral Economics

Conflict and Cooperation: Institutional and Behavioral Economics

Editor(s): A. Allan Schmid

Print ISBN: 9781405113557

Online ISBN: 9780470773833

DOI: 10.1002/9780470773833


"A refreshing alternative to outdated microeconomics texts that endlessly parrot supply and demand, this book offers an analytically sharp, comprehensible, yet accessible guide to the new approaches that are rapidly transforming economics as a discipline." Nancy Folbre, University of Massachusetts <!--end-->

"Right from the beginning, Schmid's magnificent volume has individuals interacting with historically-given institutions. There is no isolated Robinson Crusoe here. Schmid's book is a superb overview of the modern literature on human agency in an institutional setting; it is the best and most comprehensive introduction to this cutting-edge literature in modern economics." Geoffrey Hodgson, University of Hertfordshire

"I strongly recommend the book both as a teaching resource and as a new broad statement of institutionalist theory."
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