Developmental Problems of Childhood and Adolescence: Prevention, Treatment and Training

Developmental Problems of Childhood and Adolescence: Prevention, Treatment and Training

Author(s): Martin Herbert

Print ISBN: 9781405115926

Online ISBN: 9780470773888

DOI: 10.1002/9780470773888


"This is another outstanding book by Professor Martin Herbert, a leading UK expert on clinical child psychology. This volume offers a brief authoritative summary of scientific knowledge about the assessment, treatment and prevention of common problems of childhood and adolescence. It will be of particular interest to clinical psychologists in training, experienced psychologists and other health care professionals." Professor Alan Carr, Director of Clinical Psychology Training, University College Dublin <!--end-->

"Here we have not only a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the evidence concerning the developmental difficulties of children and young people, but an analysis of preventive measures, treatment issues and the training of practitioners - all within one set of covers! This book is a tour de force! It should be a key reference for every psychologist, psychiatrist, family therapist, social worker and all practitioners who work with children and their families." Carole Sutton, Associate Director, Unit for Parenting Studies, De Montfort University

"Martin Herbert has achieved the result that we have become accustomed to expect from his writing: an informative and very readable account of a range of developmental problems which will become essential reading for students and practitioners working with children and young people of all ages. In this book he manages to combine essential clinical and diagnostic information with relevant and reassuring advice on treatment and remediation based on his long experience of work as a clinician and researcher. This is an encyclopaedic and impressive resource." Professor Ingrid Lunt, Dean of the Doctoral School, Institute of Education, University of London

"Martin Herbert continues to show his understanding, compassion and commitment to children and their families in this new book. It contains a wealth of information presented in the most accessible way, and will be of great value to everyone interested in the prevention and treatment of developmental problems." Hilton Davis, Professor of Child Health Psychology, King's College, University of London