Territory: A Short Introduction

Territory: A Short Introduction

Author(s): David Delaney

Published Online: 25 FEB 2008

Print ISBN: 9781405118316

Online ISBN: 9780470773925

DOI: 10.1002/9780470773925

About this Book

This short introduction conveys the complexities associated with the term "territory" in a clear and accessible manner. It surveys the field and brings theory to ground in the case of Palestine.

  • A clear and accessible introduction to the complexities associated with the term "territory".
  • Provides an interdisciplinary survey of the many strands of research in the field.
  • Addresses specific areas including interpretations of territorial structures; the relationship between territoriality and scale; the validity and fluidity of territory; and the practical, social processes associated with territorial re-configurations.
  • Stresses that our understanding of territory is inseparable from our understanding of power.
  • Uses Israel/Palestine as an extended illustrative case study.
  • The author's strong legal and geographical background gives the work an authoritative perspective.

Table of contents